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Is there really more in Seattle than rain and coffee? If so, it’s unimportant, because the coffee is so tasty, so who really cares about anything else? A subscription from Bean Box offers Seattle’s finest artisan coffee delivered fresh, right to your doorstep.


bean-box (1)A subscription from Bean Box means that each month, you’ll receive a box that includes four handpicked gourmet coffee roasts from the best-rated roasters in Seattle. The beans arrive with tasting notes, so you can learn a little about the sips you’re about to take.


Some of their coffee roasters include Broadcast Coffee Roasters, Conduit, Fundamental Coffee, Herkimer Coffee, Kuma Coffee, Ladro Roasting, Seattle Coffee Works, Seven, Slate Coffee Roasters, Tin Umbrella Coffee Roasters, and Caffe Vita, among many others.


The Bean Box creators have lived in Seattle for more than 25 years, so they’ve been around the coffee block quite a few times. They got the idea to create a subscription box because they often shipped their favorite local beans to friends and family who lived elsewhere.


Each Bean Box is $20 and you can choose from a one-month subscription, two months, or even a six-month subscription. You can also purchase a subscription as a gift for someone — a delicious gift for a coffee lover who thinks he’s tasted it all!


hero-largeThe box includes four types of coffee that each brew around five cups. The box also includes extra treats, such as artisan chocolate. Because the coffee is shipped within one day of roasting, you can be assured it’s got a very fresh flavor.


The Bean Box website is easy to use, although it doesn’t show you a ton of information until you actually start to create an account. Aside from the one-month subscription, all of the other Bean Box options do require a commitment (whether it’s two or six months), so that’s something to keep in mind. If you absolutely decide to cancel, that’s an option as long as you do so at least 15 days before your next expected shipment.


Because Bean Box is locally owned, rest-assured their customer service is great, with an email address, blog, and several social media contacts available through their website.


Right now, Bean Box can ship to anyone in the United States, but is currently working on being able to ship anywhere! Pretty cool. Another cool thing about Bean Box? While the sample bags in the subscription box are small, you can purchase full size bags of the coffee you liked, right through the bean box website.


bean-boxBecause Seattle is so well known for its coffee, this is a pretty unique subscription box. Not only is the coffee handpicked, but also it’s roasted and shipped, delivered straight to your door for a fairly good price. The only thing to keep in mind? All of the beans arrive whole, so invest in a grinder if you don’t already have one.

BeanBox Discounts: 10% Off Your First Order with Email Signup

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