Blue Bottle Will Sell Pre-Ground Coffee After Being Acquired by Perfect

Blue Bottle Will Sell Pre-Ground Coffee After Being Acquired by Perfect

Blue Bottle Coffee will begin selling packaged, pre-ground coffee following the acquisition of Bay Area-based Perfect Coffee, founded by longtime tech executive Neil Day in 2013.

It is the latest acquisition and re-branding by Blue Bottle since two series of eight-figure investments — the Handsome Coffee Roasters and subscription service Tonx Coffee brands dissolved under the Blue Bottle umbrella — and the company says all five of the people involved with Perfect Coffee will join the Blue Bottle team.

The symbolic significance of Blue Bottle’s name on packaged, pre-ground coffee cannot be ignored. The company and its founder, James Freeman, built the brand’s fierce loyalty in the Bay Area  and beyond upon tenets of craftsmanship at every level of the brewing process. Grinding just before brewing is standard protocol in quality-focused brewing, and it is typically the first variable mentioned when coffee professionals give advice to home brewers.

“Creating opportunities for delicious and exceptionally fresh ground coffee (online, in retail stores, to our wholesale partners) was something we didn’t think we’d be considering 12 years ago—or even two years ago, for that matter,” Blue Bottle said in an announcement yesterday, when the deal was finalized.

Day reached out to Blue Bottle from Perfect’s beginning, including Blue Bottle coffees in its packaging system. The company’s subscription packages include small amounts of coffees with instructions for individual brew methods.

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